In 1903 Captain Francis O'Neill published "Music of Ireland" containing "Eighteen Hundred and Fifty" melodies and including a section of 75 Carolan tunes. Many of these are duplicated in the O'Sullivan collection but some are not - this page gives the tunes attributed to Carolan by O'Neill alone - the numbers are O'Neill's.

Carolan tunes in O'Neill
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Similar TablEdit files of Carolan tunes can be found in the Carolan Project pages.

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Tune Title
Tune Title

628 Young Catherine

629 Young Terrence McDonough

632 The Grassy Turf

635 Beauty in Tears

636 Morning of Life

638 Thomas Leixlip the Proud

640 Young Bridget

642 Eveleen's Bower

643 Dawning of the Day

644 Winnifrid

646 Little Harvest Rose

647 My Dermott

648 Generous Woman

650 Young William Plunkett

651 One Bottle More

652 Catherine Nowlan

653 Dermott O'Dowd

661 Planxty Dobbins

676 Planxty Nancy Vernon

688 Planxty O'Daly

690 Planxty Drew

698 Planxty Edmond Dodwell

These tunes follow the numbering convention given in:

O'Neill's Music of Ireland

Rock Chapel Press, 1979





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Lesley Nelson's Contemplator pages about Carolan's life and music. The Irish Pages Carolan Midi page - all of Carolan's tunes as midi files along with interesting notes about the songs and people Ancient Anonymous Airs - a range of tunes and harpists pre-dating Carolan. Some of the tunes wrongly attributed to Carolan by O'Neill are correctly attributed here. Glenn Weiser's pages have extensive advice and links for Celtic guitar music Keith Hinchliffe sparked my interest in Carolan tunes and taught me several new open tunings.