The Carolan Project Index

I have indexed all my arrangements by hyperlinking them to a folder of Tabledit files. Clicking any tune name calls up the Tabledit straight away.

You can also filter the index to show you all tunes in a particular tuning, or a particular key, etc.

You can download a demonstration file with just 7 tunes in it here. They are in zipped format and unzip to Excel and web page indexes.

The full index has Carolan's complete collection (over 200 tunes) tunes in 15 different tunings.

Once I had dreams of retiring on the millons made from selling this index - now I'll send you a copy in exchange

for you completing some charity work near where you live - for details email me .

This is what the spreadsheet looks like:

You can filter any tuning to see all relevant tunes:

And then click a tune hyperlink to show the Tabledit:

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