Paiges 4 (2008-???)

4 Dave Prentice and the Paiges (2008 - infinity and beyond?)

Dave Prentice - vocals/ keyboard
Fred Power - bass
Mike Lydiat - guitars

After Fred got back in touch he found Dave Prentice. They met at a couple of school reunions and in Nov 2008 three of us met at the Alma Lodge, Stockport where we had played every Sunday evening in the '60s.

Here (L-R) are Fred Power, Dave Prentice and Mike Lydiat

We will be practising in the New Year and plan a re-union gig somewhere in Manchester - watch this space!

Well we are still waiting for the tour (2012) but . . .

The fourth band member has been in touch! Drummer Johnny Hutchinson contacted me through this web site reminding me of a very unhealthy eating habit I had - taking a large French loaf, eating the soft bread from its middle and then filling it up with chips as a follow-up snack! John now lives in Scotland and hasn't played drums for a while - but who knows?

Just one more to find now!

Found him! Followed up on a phone number John gave me and spoke with Terry Shaw, lead guitarist. So that reunion gig may not be so far away now!